Teaching staff requirement at Aditya Schools

Details of Requirement

Written Test:- Between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on 23-10-2021 (Saturday) & 24-10-2021 (Sunday).

BranchRequirement for Teaching Staff
KakinadaTelugu, Hindi, English, Maths, Computers Social
PithapuramPre-primary, All Subjects
AmalapuramEnglish, Maths, Computers, Biology
G. MamidadaPre-primary, Maths, Hindi, Physics, Computers

Attractive Salary for Deserving Candidates

Place of written Test and further details contact

Aditya Schools

Kakinada (Srinagar) 8978133323

Kakinada (Jagannaikpur) 8978386667

Pitapuram 7658916668

Amalapuram (Kamanagarugu) 9963176661

Amalapuram (Gollagudem) 9493654050

G.Mamidada 7658916664