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Brit Leelaa, Nagamalli Thota Junction, Kakinada

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Nagamalli Thota Junction, Kakinada
10am to 7pm

We are the one stop for your UK needs. Not just visas, just ask us anything you want to do in UK, we can put you through to right contacts and get you the things you needed with 100% peace of mind. 

We can help you win the following Visas

Points Based Visas

· Tier 1 Entrepreneur

· Tier 1 Investor

· Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur

· Tier 2 Skilled Workers

· Tier 4 (General) Students

· Tier 5 Creative & Sporting

· Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme


Family Visas

· Ancestry Visa

· EEA Family Visa

· Spouse Visa

· Dependency Visa

· Unmarried Partner Visa


Other Visas

· Sole Representative of Overseas Business

· Indefinite Leave to Remain

· British Citizenship

· Domestic Worker Visa

· Visitors Visas


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