Aapple Herbal Ladies Beauty Parlour

Address : H/No: 2-9a-1, Satya Sai Nilayam, Venkateswara Swamy Temple,

Phone : +91 7794075655

We Provide:

* Threading:
Eye Brows, Fore Head, Upper, Chin, Face-Threading.

* Waxing:
Hands, Legs, Body.

* Anti-Tanpack:
Face, Neck, Hands.

* Manicure:
Normal, advanced.

* Pedicure:
Normal, Advanced.

* Facials:
Mini-Facial, Fruit, Chocolate, Pearl, Wine, Whitening, Silver, Gold, Diamond, D-Tan, Galvanic, Pimple Treatment Facial.

* Hair Care:
Conditioning-Henna, Protien-Henna, Colour-Henna, Black-Henna, Hair Dye: Root Touchup, Hair dye: Global.

* Hair Wash:
Normal, shampoo, With Conditioning.

* Hair care:
Head Massage, Hair spa, Temporary Straightening, Curls, Hair setting.

* Hair Cuts:
Flick, Baby Cut, Blunt cut, DNE Length, U & V cuts, Feather, Layer, Multi Layer, Combination, Bottom Layer.

* Bridal:
Services & Packages. 

* Bleach:
Face, Neck, Hands, legs.

* Anti-Tanpack

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