Haneesha Joy Marriages

Address : DNo: 29-9-7, Madhapati Vari Veedhi, Laxminaraya Company Street,,

Phone : 8885755777, 9912051745, 8886143666

Haneesha Joy Marriages is the Most Trusted Matrimony Brand combining tradition and technology. We Provide search for prospective bride or bridegroom on the basis of country, mother tongue, religion, caste, occupation etc. from the immense database of profiles.Head office in Kakinada.Branches:Eluru:4th PortionKamala Sai Lab UpstairsBeside Ramalayam TempleSubbamma Devi School Road,R.R. Peta, Eluru-2.Cell : 8885898222Anaparthi :# 7-148, Dharani Kota, Old Town Anaparthi : 533342 Cell : 8886143666Hyderabad :11-4-721, Bazarghat,Redhills, Hyderabad.Call: 8686864933, 9390999009

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