Sunil’s Corporate Training Institute

Address : D.No: 2-34-8/A (1st Floor), Behind Anand Theatre, Chinta Vari Street, Near Bhanugudi Junction,

Phone : 0884-2341987
Contact Email : [email protected]
Contact Person : Sunil Saladi (MS Comp. Science USA)

This institute emphasizes more on providing practical training/counselling sessions to the students who are dreaming to step into the corporate IT world. The training modules/sessions will concentrate not just how to be confident in the interviews but also tries to enhance the soft skills & management capabilities of the individual making them well aware & prepared about how to sustain better in the IT world. This is not a typical spoken English or a Personality development class that you are aware from the other training institutes. As said earlier, these training modules will be practical to the core and are built from personal experiences of a qualified person who worked both in India & in abroad!

The following are the topics that will be addressed in detail:

  • IT Job/Interviews Guidance/Resume Preparation
  • Career Mentoring in IT field (India & Abroad too)
  • End to End Corporate IT Culture Awareness
  • Training in Soft skills, Management capabilities, Self discipline etc.
  • One-on-One Counselling sessions
  • Building Confidence via Motivation sessions

Students who are attending campus interviews or students who are already technically trained in different languages from other institutes or people who are trying their luck via various consultancies but not able to get a break, might opt for this session and would be my clients. Please send me an email(best way to reach me) and schedule an appointment or sign up for a training session with me and we can take it further from there…

Contact Person: Sunil Saladi
Email: [email protected] (Available 24×7)
Phone: 0884-2341987 (Mon-Sat : 10AM-7PM)

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