•  A miniature artist Aripaka Ramesh has designed a plan to salvage the boat that sunk in Godavari river.

    Speaking to The Hans India, he said he had designed a plan to trace the location of the ill-fated boat. A chain of magnetic balls would attract the iron grills of the boat and drag it to surface.

    He said the magnetic balls to trace the location of boat and micro size wires are to be used to measure of the depth of water in Godavari. Ramesh said. He made nearly 50 such articles and entered Book of State Records, Indian Book of Records, Wonder Book of Records and others and also stood first in Google search in miniature wing.

    District Collector D Muralidhar Reddy gave permission to him and his team to make efforts to retrieve the boat. But the officials did not allow the team to make efforts on Wednesday.

    According the sources, the officials NDRF and SDRF teams set up temporarily cell towers at the River Godavari. It is intended to communicate the situation on the ground to higher officials. The Satellite system was not restored in Devipatnam. The system was not functioning promptly. According to sources, Dharmadi Satyam and team were entrusted with the task of salvaging the boat. Due to heavy in flow of Godavari river, they hav not yet succeed in the operation.