• Collector D.Muralidhar Reddy and JC G.Lakshmisha conducted Mandal Level Video Conference on NH216, SC, ST, BC, Minority, Kapu Corporations and Bankers. 

    The collector asked officials to take special initiative to provide all the basic amenities in the social welfare facilities of the district. Some welfare hostels have minimal facilities, but that is not the case. The Government and CSR are also responsible for funding. Not only through, but also in the near future, the cooperation of large scale contracting agencies. The hostel can be developed by handing over each hostel to each contractor. The collector said that the facilities in the hostels are good and the students are willing to stay in them and that there is no room for students to stay where there is no accommodation. Minimum facilities for water storage tankers and coolers are poorly maintained. The plan is for each officer to adopt a welfare hostel, according to a plan. The Collector made several suggestions on the functioning of the hostels, ensuring that every officer was inspecting the hospital, school and hostel to ensure that the infrastructure was in place.

    The Collector has instructed the Tahsildars to take on the task of recruiting village volunteers in the district, without any misgivings. In view of sand requirements for various project structures in the district, the authorities should monitor the planting and nourishment of the planted lands for a year.

    Bankers should respond to the fact that banking matters are often reported in the response program. The petitioners are filing petitions for bank loans for their livelihood. In particular, the executive directors of various welfare corporation corporations should act in a timely manner to resolve the pending petitions. As the state government has introduced the budget, soon there will be a selection of beneficiaries and distribution of loans. Collector D. Muralidhar Reddy directed the bankers and EDs to work towards fulfilling the targets set by the authorities.