• Collector D. Muralidhar Reddy said all private schools in the district should follow government guidelines. He held a meeting with the owners of private schools in the district on Friday at the Ambedkar Bhavan in Kakinada. The meeting was chaired by DEO S. Abraham and the chief guest was the Collector. He was ordered not to hold schools under any circumstances on public holidays. On the second Saturday, he warned against taking action on schools that hold classes on other holidays. Should follow No Bag Day. It was made clear that schools should not conduct classes beyond 6 pm. Providing quality education in private schools and the welfare of children. The Collector was instructed to follow the instructions of the Transport Department when transporting students in school vehicles.


    The Right to Education Act must be followed: DEO

    DEO S. Abraham said schools should follow the Right to Education Act. The proportion of students, toilets, classrooms and teachers should be proportionate. From this year, the tenth class marks have been cleared, questions for 35 marks and bits for 55 marks. The exams will be continued in CCE format from the 1st to 9th standard. Until the eighth grade. Even Nowhere else studied in schools. Admission to the respective classes based on age is suggested. No exams for admission in schools. Every school child is ordered to enter details in the info. Transfer Certificates (TCs) of students studying in each school are put online.  After completion of internal exams, students' marks should be posted online within three days. Some schools do not follow this policy. Not conducting exams? Not worth the money? Questioned private ownership. Children and teachers are instructed not to conduct any classes on all holidays, including the second Saturday. The first memo was issued and warned that further action would be taken if these orders were violated. Permission for Special classes to Tenth class students will be allowed with permission. Abraham promised to conduct additional classes for three months from December with the permission of the Collector. Any public school teacher not to teach classes in private schools. If this is done, the teacher and the school will take action, the DEO warned. The private schools have a role in achieving district number one in the tenth class examinations. 

    SSA PO B Vijayabhaskar said private schools should contribute to the development of education in the district. Representatives of private schools brought to the notice of the authorities several issues. A multi-pronged memorandum was presented to Collector Muralidhar Reddy on behalf of the Private Schools Association. JC-2 CH Satibabu, DYEO Subhadra, Jayalakshmi, Urban DI Vanikumari and others participated in this meeting.