• District Collector and President of the Red Cross Society D. Muralidhar Reddy said that thalassemia is not fatal and the disease can be controlled by injecting blood every 15 days. District Collector Muralidhar Reddy visited the Indian Red Cross Agency in Gandhinagar, Kakinada on Friday. The earliest Indian Red Cross corporations paid homage to the statue of Jean-Henri Dunat. The collector then inspected the blood collection vehicle. The Collector started the next 12-bed unit in collaboration with McDermott Company. Collector D. Muralidhar Reddy said that the Red Cross Agency for Thalassemia Patients is being operated with the help of McDermott Company, with the first six beds and 12 new beds and now total there are 18 beds. New facilities have been set up for blood transfusions for these patients. The unit will conduct medical examinations every Tuesday and Friday at the unit twice a month and provide medical treatment to those in need. The collector said that people with thalassemia could take advantage of this opportunity as the blood is being provided free of charge. Red Cross Society Chairman YD Rama Rao said 25 to 40 patients in the thalassemia unit were ingesting blood and supplying medicines and fruits. 3.50 lakhs for 12 beds at Thalassemia Transfusion Center, manager Savita presented the support. Collector Muralidhar Reddy handed over the fruits to the children with thalassemia.

    Red Cross Society Secretary Sivakumar and doctors Durga Raju, Ramakrishna, Ramakrishnaiah and members Dr. Badam Balakrishna, Raghurama Rao, N.Bhanumati and Durga Somu Prasad, Durgasomu Prasad Charitable Trust Representatives participated.