Covid-19 Test kit from Tata company (Result revealed with in an Hour and a Half)

Tata Group, an Indian industrial giant, has launched the Kovid-19 test kits, which are made entirely with domestic technology. Their corona confirmation kits will be available nationwide from December, said Girish Krishnamurthy, chief executive officer of the company. He explained that the final results of their government-approved examination system would be released in just over an hour and a half. He revealed that the company will soon start production at its plant in Chennai.

He said the plant has the capacity to produce tens of millions of test kits per month. Tata Medical and Diagnostics Ltd. said that their new approach is effective and simple compared to the various corona diagnosis methods currently in use. Representatives of the company said that they are entering into partnership agreements with several hospitals and labs across the country to make the facility widely available.