• Collector D. Muralidhar Reddy ordered MPDOs and District Officials to take immediate action to resolve every complaints and problems that came up via state government "SPANDANA" program.

    Friday,District Collector reviewed the work of the respective departments along with MPDOs in the hall of District Public Works Council.

    He said that  For all the compliants ,problems or issues  related to Pensions, Ration Cards,Housing,House documents one need not come to collectorate office and all compliants can be logged anywhere from Mandal to state .A receipt wil be provided for compliants logged irrecpective of the area logged and will be resolved in stipulated amount of time.

    As village ministries are setup from October 2nd 2019,interviews are being conducted for the village volunteers.Once selected MPDOs are advised to provide training to these volunteers.

    Cheif Minister will be conducting a video conference every teusday along with Collectors and SPs to review the petitions .Petitions will be resolved and orders are issued to avoid trouble to the public.The petitions will be either resolved or rejected, a valid reason is need for rejection of the petitions.