• East godavari district collector Sri D Muralidhar Reddy said that they will plan for all neccessary needs to all residential, ashrama schools in the district.
    On Friday(26th July,2019) conducted a review meeting  at collecterate court hall with all gurukul school principals about the plan to arrange all basic needs in all schools. And lso he stated that every septic tank should be cleaned as the first priority. And also mentioned that concerns persons should stay at hostels at night times. So they can understand the needs of students well while staying at nights. 4 gurukul school buildings out of 19, constructions will starts soon, he continued. Drinking water, lights, kitechens, dining hall, generator etc will be installed in every school.And also said that will order for regular medical checkups to be conducted by health department.

    JC-2 Raja Kumari garu, Gurukul School's districct co-ordinator T. SudhaRani garu also participated in this meeting.

    Also conducted review meeting with Industries dept.