• Deputy Chief Minister and Revenue Minister Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose said the tenant farmers in the district would be assisted in all ways. Bankers were asked to cooperate in full. District level bankers committee meeting was held on Friday chaired by Collector Muralidhar Reddy. Speaking as the chief guest of the event, he said that there are 45 lakh tenant farmers in the state who are unable to get government subsidy and other schemes. He said that the necessary procedures are in place to overcome these situations. The welfare co-operatives are in crisis due to the accumulation of dues from Opco, which will be provided by banks for lending on handloom textile reserves. There is a need to further strengthen the women's self-help groups in the district. He said the loans from the banks were back at 96 percent. Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy said that the decision to waive the loan balance of the women's self-help groups in four installments.

    Investment assistance from October

    Minister of State for Social Welfare Pinipe Vishwaroop said that the state government is taking steps to pay farmers Rs.12,500.Bankers have been advised to provide the full range of financial assistance to SC, ST and BC through various corporations in the state. Lending on concession to achieve self-sufficiency, all units need grounding. The previous government diverted funds for social welfare and other branches. Collector Muralidhar Reddy said that the government's implementation of Navratna schemes will soon be implemented. Bankers are advised to lend to farmers as the downturn begins. The farmer owes a guaranteed loan of up to Rs 1.60 lakh

    The meeting was attended by MLA Kondetti Chittibabu, JC-2 Satibabu, DRVO MV Govindaraju, LDM BV Subramaniam, Andhra Bank Zonal Manager Ram Mohan Rao and Reserve Bank AGM Phaniraju.