• Chief Minister of State YS Jaganmohan Reddy in the Video Conference :

    State Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy suggested District Collectors to take necessary steps for distribution of lands to 25 Lakhs poor people,by the time of Ugadi in the state.

    A video conference has been held from Amravati with collectors and SPs of various districts of the state on Tuesday
    The Chief Minister said that this is the first time in the state that 5000 crore in the state budget is assigned
    for an innovative large-scale event like this.A special officer named Harinarayan has been appointed at the CCLA office for the implementation of the scheme.Villages should be taken as a unit for distribution of land.
    Chief Minister has also mentioned that , half of the amount 7 crores is already released from the pre-announced 14 crores that was allocated to the district for the improvement of the residential houses .He aslso suggested that a person will be appointed to maintain the hygiene of Bathrooms, toiletries in every school.