India-77,266 cases in 24 hours .. 1075 deaths

The corona boom in India is setting new records every day. During the last 24 hours, 77,266 new cases were reported across the country. India recorded the highest number of 75,760 cases in a single day in the world between Wednesday and Thursday. It is worrying that more cases are coming to light today. The death toll has risen to 61,529 so far across the country with 1,075 new deaths.

The number of cases registered so far across the country has increased to 33,87,501. Of these, 25,83,948 have recovered and returned home. 7,42,023 are being treated at various hospitals. On Thursday alone, 9,01,338 corona diagnostic tests were performed. Newly 60,177 people recovered. As a result, 76.28 percent of corona sufferers have recovered.