• Collector D.Muralidhar Reddy called on the yoga process of improving physical and mental health to be a part of everyone's daily life. The International Yoga Day was held on Friday under the auspices of the District Youth Welfare and AYUSH branches at Suryakala Mandir in Kakinada. MLC Chikkala Ramachandra Rao, Collector, District SP Adnan Naeem Azmi Poolammalal and Jyoti Prajdwana inaugurated the program to portray Maharishi Patanjali. On the occasion, the collector said that the United Nations has declared International Yoga Day on 21st June annually on the proposal made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015, which is being celebrated by 177 countries in 193 member states.

    Yoga contributes to community consciousness and progress. Yoga and meditation practices are urging people to practice it regularly. Yoga has proven to be a wonderful tool for relieving the ailments that come with running, running and competing everyday life. All family members and friends are advised to be aware of the yoga and meditation process. 

    Steps to a happy life ..

    Yoga teacher Raghavanand said that yoga is the bedrock of happiness. Yoga helps to bring life and energy to the practitioner. Yoga is used to treat the sick, the patient as a yogi, the yogi to the society. Many asanas have been trained to explain the benefits of meditation. Afterward, the students of the district sports authority, yoga schools and municipal schools took different seats. The event was attended by the Collector, US Collector Mallikarjuna, District Youth Welfare Officer S Mallibabu, Aiyush Senior Physician KVK Babu, DIMHVoShakshiDaShidwara, Kakinada. District Red Cross Chairman Wide Rama Rao, Francis attended the send information didi heat.