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Korangi Wildlife Sanctuary - Kakinada



East Godavari District Tallarevu Mandal Korangi is well known for the Mangrove Forests. It is 2nd largest mangrove forest. Mangrove Forest is spread over 332.66 Sq. Km Forest department had announced this area as a sanctuary in 1978. The animal called 'Water Cat' is protected in this area. Scientists identified that Korangi sanctuary has 34 Species of plants like Guggilam, Tella Mada, Nalla Mada, Ponna, Taagara, Kaalinga, Oorudu, Eelvamada, Tilla, Eelakoora, Aalchi, Nallateega, Chillinga, Paalabidda Teega, Kaandriga and also identified some medicinal plants. 

Korangi Sanctuary is home to different types of birds. More than 108 types of birds are there in Korangi sanctuary. Many birds travel from other countries to Korangi sanctuary every year. There is a boating facility to explore the beauty of Mangrove Forest.


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