• Collector instructed DEO to implement Saturday no school bag day compulsorily. Collector held a video conference with various departments. Collector said books should not be carried by students on no school bag day in all the government and private schools. Sports and fun activities and also Awareness about Gardening, Cleanliness should be created among children. Corporate School should be shut down on that day if the directions are not followed. Meeting with principals of corporate schools should be held and awareness must be created. Teachers in Ashram Schools and hostels should behave well with the students or else strict measures will be taken on them. Meo's should take care to prevent bad incidents. Meo's should inspect Midday meals and implementation of No School Bag Day.

    In a review with medical & health department, collector ordered DM & HO to prevent Malaria, Dengue fevers. Awareness program about the importance of Mother's Milk, Nutrition, Anemia should be conducted for one day at villages. Spandana should be held at Agency area Rampachodavaram for a Monday in a month.