• District SP Adnan Naeem Azmi and Rajahmundry Urban SP Shimoshi Baz Pai have informed the Chief Minister of the state that special emphasis is placed on the prevention of road accidents and promoting a peaceful and peaceful environment in the district. 

    District Collector D Muralidhara Reddy, District Police Superintendent Adnan Naeem Azmi, Rajahmundry Urban SP Shimoshi Bajpai and others participated in the meeting. SP Adnan Naeem Azmi informed the Chief Minister that special measures are being taken to enhance safety standards and prevent road accidents on the roads that are being expanded in the district. He also said that peacekeeping issues in the areas of Rampachodapavaram and Chinthoor divisions are being prevented, the resettlement of the residents of Polavaram Project and SEZs, and the opposition of the locals on the proposed Dharmal Project. Urban SP Shimoshi Bajpai presented to the Chief Minister of Rajamahendravaram Airport, which is becoming a major airport in the state, the need for enhancing the safety of the roads and widening the narrow roads to prevent accidents.