Video that impresses netizens-If Konidela-Akkineni Kodals cook together ..!

Akkineni Kodalu and Konidela Kodalu did delicious cooking together. Upasana joked that the Best Daughter Award in this order was not Samantha. Together they run a special website called ‘Your Life’. Samantha is the guest editor for the website. As part of that, Sam recently shared his views on fitness. It is suggested to exercise for happiness and health rather than for physique.

And now Sam, Upasana has come forward to netizens with a new video. In it, the two prepared a unique recipe. Tomato Sadam (Tomato Rice) with Brown Rice is a delicious dish made in equal moments. Upasana saw it .. Nagachaitanya said he was lucky. Moreover, Samantha was declared the best cousin. Sam immediately .. No, Upasana, Upasana is a fun video that attracts netizens.

“Make your life delicious .. Samantha .. New Healthy Master Chef,” Upasana posted on the occasion. Samantha and Upasana co-operate the ‘Your Life’ dot co dot in website to bring nature-friendly living closer to the people.