• With the advent of social media ... there is an increasing number of people who always want something new. In the meantime, everyone has seen the Cockroaches Challenge, the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Kiki Challenge and the Fitness Challenge. But then came another new challenge. The name of that challenge is the Bottle Cap Challenge. Young people are losing the challenge right now.

    How to do this challenge .. Put a bottle of First on the table. Lose the bottle lid slightly. The bottle should stand a little farther apart and the lid should be kicked so that its lid can only slip off. The Challenge started by the general public is being followed by celebrities. The Bottle Cap Challenge, which started in Hollywood, came to Bollywood.

    Yuvraj, former cricketer of Team India, also made the challenge. Yuvraj, however, completed the challenge with the bat a little more special than everyone else. Brian Lara, Shikhar Dhawan and Sachin Tendulkar share the challenge of posting this video on his Instagram ... This is my version of the bottle cap challenge. Yuvi gave a twist on this challenge. All told to do with the left hand. The video is currently hulling social media. Many celebrities are posting this challenge on social media.