• Samalkot is about 12kms from Kakinada. It is famous and one of the ‘Pancharamas’. This was built in the 9th century. Lord Bhimeswara Swamy appears as Ekashila Shiva Linga along with Ekashila Nandi. Darshan of Shiva Linga is at first floor, along with goddess shri Bala Tripura Sundari, and Pushkarini (lake) can be seen.

    The very famous Pancharama Shri Kumararama Bheemeshwara Swamy temple is situated in Samalkot. The temple is just beside the railway station. So no transportation is needed for people travelling by rail to reach the temple. This temple is dedicted to Lord Shiva (Adhi Devudu). This was known as Purva Chalukya Bhimavaram because the Eastern Chalukyans ruled this place. Now, a canal of Godavari river flows between Bhimavaram and Samalkot. The temple was built by Chalukya Kumara rama (son of Vikramaditya) during the end of 9th century. He got this temple constructed to register his victories in more than 300 wars. 

    The temple premises almost resemblance the other Pancharama temple at Draksharama which is also called Bhimeswara Alayam. There are carvings of Apsaras on pillars in the temple. A mantapam supported with one hundred pillars can be seen. Eka Shila Nandi is kept at the temple entrance opposite to Shiva lingam. Darshan of Shiva lingam is at the first floor. Steps are available at both the side. Goddess Shri Bala Thripura Sundari (Tripura Sundari) statue can be seen at temple premises. To the East side, there is a mantap called Koneti. Pushkarni (Pushkarini) lake can be seen here. The main entrance to the temple is called Surya Dwaram. 

    Temple Garbha gudi view Bhimeshwara Kumara rama There are quite a good number of devotees visiting this temple. The total maintenance activities are taken care by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Several parts of the temple are in a very bad shape and renovation activities are going on. Along with this activity, a garden is also being made for visitors to make this place a picnic spot. During November-December (Karthika and Margashira masam) months daily Abhisheka is carried out. There will be Utsavam (Kalyana Mahotsam) during February-March (Magha Bahula Ekadashi day) time. Till Maha Shivarathri grand celebrations in the temple can be seen. There will be a car festival during Sivarathri. Lord Bhimeswara Swamy is installed (Prathishthapana) by Kumara Swamy (son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati) and hence the temple is called KumaraRama. Temple timings are from morning 6.00am to 12.00 noon and after noon 4.00pm to 8.00pm.


    Maha Shiva Ratri(February/March)
    Saran Nava Rathrulu(Dessara 10 days)
    Karthika Masam(October/Novermber)

    Guest Houses available are
    1.R & B Guest House is available at Peddapuram which is at a distance of 5 Kms.

    Temple Authorities
    Executive Officer,
    Sri Chalukya Kumararama Sri Bhimeswaraswamy vari Temple
    East Godavari District
    pin- 533 236.