• About Temple:

    Located in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh in India, the Sarpavaram Shri Bhavanaraya SwamyTemple is an ancient shrine of Lord Vishnu, the preserver.

    The significance of this deeply revered temple was mentioned in Kasi Khanda and Bhima Khanda of Brahmadaivartha Purana. Many a great poet like Srinadha and Kuchiminchi Thimmakavi described about the importance of the temple.

    Temple Architecture & Premises - The architecture of this ancient temple is very beautiful and heart-warming. The temple was built with high surrounding walls, with the Gopura in the north and Simhadwara in the east. The Kalyan Mandap is in the north and the Dhvajashtambh in the east; with the Garuda Vahana and Anjaneya Swamy on both sides.



    Lord Vishnu appears on the Garuda Vahana in the Paatala Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple and adjacent to it is the Maanavalla Mahamuni Sannidhi; while on the opposite side is the Lakshmi Devi Sannidhi. Just next to this is the Asthana Mandap where the Sevakas Jaya and Vijayas used to reside.

    The Main Temple - Lord Bhavanarayana Swamy is the presiding deity in the main temple along with his consort, Shri Rajyalakshmi. The gracious and merciful lord gives darshan to his devotees and showers his blessings on them.

    This temple is also called Thrilinga Kshoni Vaikunth as there are three pratishthas in the shrine -

    1. Lord Bhavanarayana Swamy with his consort Rajyalakshmi, manifested by Saint Narada
    2. Moola Bhavanarayana Swamy manifested by Anantha, a snake
    3. Pathala Bhavanarayana Swamy in the form of Vishnu on the Garuda Vahana, who is self-manifested.

    There are two lakes here called Muktikaasaram and Narada Kundam.


    • Ugadi (March / April).
    • Vaisakha Sudha Ekadasi (May).
    • Jyestha Sudha Ekadasi (June).
    • Karthika Pournami, Ekadasi (November).
    • Magha Masam Sundays, Radha Sapthami (February).


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    Temple Authorities

    Executive Officer,
    Sri Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple,
    Kakinda Rural Mandal.
    East Godavari District