• Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari told the Rajya Sabha on Monday (July 15, 2019) that the government has stopped using the Aadhaar card for verification before issuing a driving license. He said that the decision was taken by the Supreme Court on September 26, 2018. He said that so far, 1.57 crore driving licenses have been issued based on the Aadhaar card and 1.65 crore vehicles have been registered, but the Aadhaar has been stopped for validation following Supreme Court directives. He said the biometric procurement process at the RTOs had been stopped.

    Recently, the Center announced that it would also revoke at least the 8th class requirement for a driving license. Due to the 8th class rule, those who have full expertise in driving are not required to obtain a license. But now that the situation has changed, the central government has recently announced that it has decided to issue a license if they are not educated about the difficulties of such people.

    This decision will not only provide employment to the unemployed in rural areas of the country but also address the problem of drivers facing the transport sector. It is estimated that the country's fastest growing transport and logistics sectors need around 22 lakh drivers.