• Prison biryani is eating at home. Yes, it is true. Prisoners in prison will do weaving, carpentry, maintenance of petrol bunkers, farming and planting. But prison officials are also making bakery items and hotel items as part of the reforms. The Vuyyur Prison in Kerala makes a whole new experiment. Prison officials who decided to make and sell dum biryani with the prisoners started selling biryani online. Biryani is being sold by a deal with leading online food order company Swiggy. The sales startd on Thursday (11 July 2019). If it is Success here, it will be implemented in other places also, officials say. At the moment, the Vuyyur prison inmates are making only chicken biryani.

    The Chicken Biryani made at the Vuyyur Prison is available in Combo Packs. The price of the plate is Rs.127. The pack includes 300 grams of biryani rice, a chicken leg piece, 3 chapatis, salad, raita, a cupcake and a water bottle. However, this biryani is only sold within 6 km of the jail.