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Diwali Cracker Stores in Kakinada



Diwali Cracker Stores in Kakinada

On the occasion of Diwali every one is busy in buying new clothes, house appliances etc in this festival. But the main things are the Crackers to lighten the joy and fun in the festival. Here are the list of some cracker (Tapaasulu) stores in Kakinada.



Crackers Store at Exhibition Ground, Opposite JNTUK, Kakinada 


The Crackers Stores for Diwali (Deepaavali) in Kakinada:

  • Ananda Bharati Grounds
  • Mclaurin High School Grounds
  • Jaganaickpur
  • Exhibition Grounds - Opp JNTUK
  • Nagamallithota Junction


Here are the Photos of Cracker Stores in Kakinada




Crackers Store at McLaurin High School Ground, Kakinada 



Crackers Store at Ananda Bharathi Ground, Cinema Road, Kakinada 




Lamps selling at Roadside at Raja Tank Park (Vivekananda Park), Nookalamma Temple Road, Kakinada 


Note: There are no cracker stores at Raja Tank (Vivekananda Park) this year.


In Case of Emergency, Call:

Ambulance - 108

Police -100

Fire - 101

Kakinada Fire Station - 0884-2374571

Kakinada Jagannadhapuram - 0884-2374592

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