• Its easy now, you can apply pensions, house plans online in Andhra Pradesh.

    Just need an Adhaar card.

    The following are the steps to follow to apply online

    1. Click this URL http://spandana.ap.gov.in/online_user

    2. Type your/applicant adhaar card number, you will get an OTP on adhaar registered mobile number,(Mobile number must be linked to Adhaar)

    3. Fill the OTP below the text box.

    4. You will get already filled application.

    5. Enter/modify the details

    6. Select the second option in the last column radio buttons

    7. Type as pension in the belo wthe options

    8. In the drop down, select Sanction OAP pension or relavant option

    9. Click Submit, You will get a filled document with application number, note that number.

    10. http://spandana.ap.gov.in/spandana.pdf follow this doc if any doubts

    11. Upload relavant docs after submitting the form, with applicant number.

    12. Wait for one/weeks, or can check status by login using Adhaar card number and OTP.