• Everyone knows how to pay income tax. Some are confused about the tax payment process. What is the tax filing required by the IT department? Many people have doubts about tax payments at the right time. Others may not know how to file tax returns with the Income Tax Department. Lack of full awareness can lead to difficulties.

    IT professionals say it is better to complete the ITR filling process than ever before. If you pay a tax sooner rather than later, you will have no problem. The Income Tax Department has already updated All Income Tax Return Prep software AY 2019-20. The e-filling option is now available online. The only expiration date is July 31, 2019 for the financial year 2018-19 (Assessment Year 2019-20) to file ITR.

    Taxpayers are required to file ITR. There are a few things to consider before you can upload income tax returns online. PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Bank Account Details, Form 16, Investment Details (Expenditure Details)

    The entire ITR filling process online takes place in two ways. One of these can be divided into Part A, the other into Part B.

    Part A:

    1. Do you file ITR online? www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in Open link.
    * Download IT Return Prep software. In the Downloads menu .. Assessment Year is 2019-20. If not, open the following link. Or open this E-filling link.
    2. Select Assessment Year 2019-20 and click on the JAR (Java Archive) file and download. Then extract the zip file.
    3. Enter information regarding your income tax, payments and expenses through the downloaded software.

    * Tax Payments or TDS must be entered along with your personal details.
    * Then click on the Pre-fill Number button.
    * Check all the necessary details or done once again.
    4. After entering all the data, click on Calculate. This is where you get the final figure, which includes interest on the amount you pay for your refund or tax.
    5. If the tax is payable .. enter the required details immediately and pay the tax as per schedule. Try the same process over and over again. The amount of tax payable falls to Zero. That means you can make sure the tax is not paid.
    6. Income tax data is generated in XML format. Save this file on your computer.

    Part -B

    1. Login to the e-Filing website with your User Id and Password. Date of birth, enter Captcha code.
    2. Go to the e-File. There, click on Upload Return button.
    3. Select ITR. Let's save the assessment year in XML file (Part A).
    4. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), if needed .. Upload.
    5. Check if the DSC is registered with the e-filing.
    6. Click on the Submit button. The ITR-V window displays. (If DSC is not used)
    7. Download the ITR-V link. ITR-V Link .. Your Registered Email will also go.
    ITR .. Upload with DSC .. Upon completion of return filling process.

    If the DSC is not uploaded at the time of filing the returns .. the process is as follows.

    * If returns are not uploaded with DSC .. ITR-V form should be taken out of Front.
    * The form must be submitted to the CPC within 120 days from the date of e-filing.
    * The ITR-V form will be processed only if the receipt form is signed.
    * Upload now completes the tax return process.
    * E-Verify ITR can be done through Net Banking for Physical Verification with CPC for ITR.
    * E-Verify ITR can also be processed through bank ATM.
    * To process E-Verify ITR .. Bank Account Number, Demat Account Number, Aadhaar can be completed through OTP.