• The summer is gone. The rains have begun. Cold, headaches and coughs are caused by seasonal changes. The problem of coughing seems small .. but its only known to those who suffer. One and two days coughing. But fatigue comes with tormented coughs for days. Can't do with any Pani Con Sun Traction. Why does cough come in the wake of this? Let us know how to deal with it.

    Earlier in this season we need to boost immunity. For this you should take good nutritional supplements like greens, fruits and dry fruits. This diet can boost immunity. During the rainy season, it is very important to drink and refresh the water. Also, "Vitamin C" foods are good for your health.

    Own healing is useless when prolonged coughing. Eating cigarettes should be avoided. Neglecting coughing can lead to more problems. That is why you should consult a doctor immediately. It is common for many people to get cough from the medical shop for any antibiotic or cough. But this is no good. Cough may include dry cough and blindfolded cough .. It is essential to recognize this difference. If one type of cough is used with another, the problem will be lessened.

    > People who suffer from colds, coughs and sore throats should rest in the warm room rather than in the AC room. Wear dry clothing.
    > Instead of cool drinks and ice creams, take hot soups, green tea and black coffee.
    > Storing emeralds is best if you stay away from food sold along the road.