• WhatsApp's latest beta app update adds a brand new feature. it's sharing your status of WhatsApp to your Facebook Story. this is often not merely linking your WhatsApp user ID to your Facebook account, as it's using the standard Android and iOS data sharing APIs.

    That means you'll jointly share your WhatsApp status to different apps like Instagram, Gmail, Google Photos etc. And once you do share information to a different Facebook-owned service like Instagram, the corporate says the 2 posts are separate events in its systems, and cannot be linked.

    The sharing feature can show up beneath your status if you're within the WhatsApp beta program. Status is a WhatsApp version of Stories - an area wherever you'll post pictures, text, and videos on your profile that disappear twenty-four hours later. This sub-feature of WhatsApp currently has over five hundred million daily active users, and next year it'll be the primary place wherever you will see ads in WhatsApp.

    You have to manually share your status with another app, there is no way to create that automatically happen. this is often by choice. WhatsApp needs the feature to be an active part on your half, and not one thing you set once and then forget.