• Train No. 22701/02 .. Uday Express Double Decker Train to Visakha was brought from Jalandhar via Raigad. This is the first of a series of trains brought by the railway in the name of Uday under the East Coast Railway. Travelers greeted eagerly as they stopped at stations along the way. The train, which reached Vishakha on Monday morning, was rushed to the coaching depot. Walther Railway officials are making arrangements for the trial run after a technical review.

    Earlier, the Union Railway Minister had announced three of the Uday Express trains in the country. This is one of those. It will travel 350 km between Visakha and Vijayawada. Everyone is curious as to when this will take place. It seems to take some time. After testing all the coaches and power cars on the train, a decision has to be taken. Walther officials say the date will be revealed soon.

    The Walther division now has only one LHB train. That is AP AC Express. With the arrival of Uday Express, that number has now reached 2.


    * The staff has to be arranged to ensure that the two trains have a proper maintenance system.

    * The timing of this train rotation has already been decided. So the officials at the Visakha Coaching Depot are in the process of finalizing the schedules for the time being.

    * After a thorough inspection of each coach .. When everything looks good, travel between Vishakha and Vijayawada and decide on travel dates.

    * The train will stop at Vishakha - Vijayawada Madhu Duvvada, Anakapalli, Tuni, Sumalakota, Raja Mahendravaram and Elur. It is yet to be decided on the ticket to the respective areas. Officials said it would be announced shortly.

    According to the guidelines laid down by the Center, Uday Train has special modern technology facilities. New accommodations are also coming.

    * Spacious mirrors

    * Seating arrangement, legs, as in flight.

    * Arrangement to keep luggage in the racks of the roof.

    * WiFi facility

    * Screening facility

    * Speeds from 62 km / h to 110 km / h.

    Uday means Uttrakshit Double Decker Airconditioned YatriXpress. Train arrived Visakha with 18 double decker coaches and 4 powercars.