• This is a strange shape .. Zombie like scares everyone. It is looking down at the staircase as it steps slowly. Looks like a gorilla. Looking closely at something like a bird .. Netizens are scared, not knowing what it is.

    Those who have seen it live are intimidated. This scene was found in Nagoya, Japan. From a distance it looked like a gorilla, but approached and turned into a bird. Do you remember? Take a closer look and see.

    In fact it looks like a crow. The wings are bend to both legs and standing is a little difficult to find the name of the weird shape. Eventually it was spotted as the crow and everyone breathed. Gorilla .. A Crow like bird video is going viral on social media. 

    A man named Keita Simpson posted the video on his Twitter account which went viral within 10 hours of posting, 10.5 million views were received. The netizens watching this video and commented funny.